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Server kick on EU official Freya's Grove every 2 Minutes

Every 2 Minutes of playing i got kicked from Server. Log in run some meters and kicked to main menu. Oo can remember if the games come out i play hours without a kick. On AUS - Blackoak i can play without hard kicks .. shure he kicks me some times, but looks loke the bug since the game come out.

HP Omen intel 7 8thgen and geforce gtx 1070. network is ok .. it must be otherwise i got the same problem on other servers ;)


  • Hey there Aseekia, sorry you're encountering this issue. We've recently restarted the Blackoak server, please check if you're continuing to experience it.

    If so, our Support Team can help troubleshoot the cause: submit a help ticket and they'll follow up with next steps.
  • Ty for help. but the the problem ive got on Freya-#s Groove ;) on Blackoak i didn't have the problem ..
  • My bad, misread. We've since restarted all of the servers, Freya's Grove included. If you're still running into the disconnect, be sure to hit up Support.
  • AseekiaAseekia
    edited May 2019
    Thanx but the problem exist again.. but only on Freya's Groove - Black Oak runs fine. Support Ticket is running but no answer atm. waiting now
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