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Weapon Suggest

I like the shooter-type of gameplay in this game!
I have, if i can, two suggest for new class of weapon:
- An Harpoon Launcher. Heavy (reduced movement ?) type of weapon who shoot heavy spear, arpoon or something like this.
- A "Shotgun" type weapon. Something who shoot more than a bullet for shoot, in a small area. Slow rate of fire, but useful for big enemy / that damned spider

Any other suggest?


  • Oh, you have a suggestion topic. Sorry...
  • Ecate wrote: »
    Oh, you have a suggestion topic. Sorry...

    You can post it here, the developers seem to be afk in base,

    The shotgun is Shard Blaster, I think you unlock it on tier 2 or 3 don't remember exactly.
    The harpoon is the long bow which has been nerfed for being responsible of one shooting people from 2 miles away hehe xD
  • Oh, thank's!
    I never unlock this weapon, in fact...
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