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Bug Reporting

Hi there,

I wanted to congratulate you for your nice game. But I am experiencing some frustrating bugs.

-When I mount on my pet, 90% of the time, I am riding it from below.
-I built a tower and placed a door groundfloor. Everything worked fine since I placed a torch. From that moment I wasn't able to open the door anymore. And it's impossible to get rid of every single torch I just placed.

Just wanted to help reporting so that this game gets his rightful place.

Thanks a lot.




  • New bug found : I just entered the reserved slots steam64 id and it doesn't let the vip players enter, the game just go back in the main menu. Is this normal ?
  • Yea it's normal for the game to have bugs, and they still haven't been patched.
    I still don't know why when I turn graphic settings to max, or to low I have the same fps.
    I still don't understand why when you press w ,a and hold shift you character runs forward diagonally.
    I still don't understand why when you swap weapon with tool after killing a creature you either get stuck into the void(rubberband) or you get the no dmg weapon modifier, it's not a buff it's a feature.
    I still don't understand why after playing for an hour the game somehow decides that when you do dmg, harvest materials it gives you a small freeze, I had this issue in alpha on private servers with 50x modifiers but hey you can get it now on the official servers.
    I still don't understand why the living goat would the keep Tier 4 seasons LOCKED for the first 2 weeks of the game, this includes the prime outposts(one week is enough).

    I mean is just casual stuff , I haven't got to the point where I could test the armored vault glitch to see if they patched it, but I guess it's fine.

    The armored vault glitch can be done by putting armored vaults on platforms one above each other ,destroying the platforms and creating an invisible wall of armored vaults, best defense in game, because you can put spikes in front of them and people will start rubber banding in the vaults and hit the spikes.
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