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Hi, new Rend player here

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Hi all. I am Caronte (in-game name), new to the game and without friends ingame, but still enjoying the survival aspect of the game, despite many failures experienced recently. Hope to meet new people around. I'm playing in Freya's Grove server (although there is a bug and I cannot build any personal base), hopefully it will be fixed soon. I also had a higher level character in a server called "Exploration Dev", which apparently has been deleted.
I also have to mention that right now I am part of the voluntary team working in the translation team to expand this game to the spanish-speaking community, so I hope the game creators consider my translations and hopefully can bring the spanish gamers closer to a marvellous gaming experience with Rend.
I wish you all a great day.


  • Hello Caronte, welcome to Rend. My ingame name is Dyablo hope to see you in game one day. I'm in Tyrs server under classic.
  • Thank you Dyablo. I might join your server so that at least there is somebody to play with, since my server is pretty void. I might let you know. Thanks again, and hope to see you in game and perhaps be accepted in your clan (if you have) to start growing and learning more about this. See you around.
  • yeah sounds awesome and yes we got a clan so far its just 3 of us more than welcome to help us grow and expand as well as help each other learn
  • Sure! When will you be on? I would like to connect and see where are you guys based so that we can build together if you want. I have practiced in the Exploration Dev server and I feel ready for the Classic mode. Let me know so that we can pack and start growing strong (even if I am a bit behind compared to you guys, I will catch up, no worries). At least let me know if you connect for 5 minutes to place my base and we leave it from there. Thanks mate! See you around.
  • Ah, yeah, and of course which faction are you? So to coordinate myself and not to go on the opposite side hehe.
  • we are order faction :D
  • We actually moving servers to a dedicated server we just got called US Devil Dawgs. We will be on the Order faction as well tho.
  • Great to know! Name of the server? Because what you gave me was the Clan name, right? Just let me know to create my account and start there, since I am stuck without knowing where to go!
  • Our server name is US Devil Dawgs.. Our clan name is Devil Dawgs too rofl.
  • Good good! Thanks again mate, will be there soon.
  • Doomspear resets on Monday, February 18, at 8 pm Eastern
  • Why are you guys speaking about Doomspear everywhere? What is that?
  • a server that restes in 5 hours
    play on it
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