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Question - trees and bushes in personal base: a bug or just nature evolution?

Hi all,
Started playing recently in Rend, and I've noticed that, after a few days in which my server disappeared completely now its back on (thank you game devs for that, didnt want to lose my character there), but surprisingly, when going to my personal base...its full of trees and bushes in my foundations, even indoors!!!
Is this normal? Have you experienced something similar, or is it a bug I should report? Is it just natural resources evolving randomly? I dont see other houses around me having the same issue, so I was wondering what's the experience of others about that. Thank oyu in advance.
Have a great day.


  • Seems like this older bug has made a return. We had fixed resource nodes growing through foundations a few updates back.

    The team is looking into the cause and will address it.
  • Thank you very much, Scapes. For me that's more than enough, I know that now things are getting fixed by experiencing with them. Thanks again, and I love this game and hope to keep playing it for long.
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