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Pet - "Remove From Favorites" bug

Hi, I have tamed multiple pets and currenty have two favorites slots where both are taken by a Stag and a Arachnix. I'd like to change out the Arachnix with an Allidon, but I can't seem to "Remove from favorites" it.

- I've tried to click "Remove from favorites" (My stag is currently active): Nothing happens, the Arachnix is still in my pet tab.
- I've tried to Abandon it: The Arachnix disappears from my pet tab, but with a relog it's back.

Is there a specific way to do this?
Does the pet I wish to "Remove from favorites" have to be summoned and active?

I'm just afraid I do something wrong and that I somehow lose my other pets (I've seen people having problems with favorite / unfavorite pets, in Discord chat and other people on the server I play on)

I've now summoned the Arachnix, set it active, and clicked "Remove from favorites".
Nothing happened. It is still there.

I tried again to remove from favorites, and this time my 964 Allidon got deleted instead of the Arachnix.

I did record it:


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