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Ore nodes bugged, extremely low warg pelt drop rate

Hello, I'm playing on an exploration server and a lot of the metal nodes are there, but you can not hit them. While I can run around the map and find enough "real or Good" nodes with most of the ore types to keep progressing, I've found there is a huge problem with the Eternium ore node. While there are a fair number of nodes all around the roots area 99% are not mineable. I can spend hours looking in every little nook and cranny in all three faction areas and only find 1 small node per day. Also you need a good number of warg pelts to craft fur armor, but for every 10 wolves killed you might get 1, kill 1 cat and you get 5 pelts. So i feel the drop rate for warg pelts need to be adjusted a tad. I love the game and the work you folks are doing. Keep up the Good Work! <3


  • Sorry for the misbehaving resource nodes! Our latest patch has deployed a likely fix for this issue.

    Also let us know if you're still not seeing warg pelts (left-click harvest only) dropping a little more regularly - mind, they are intended to be rare.
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