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Needed Functionality, Content, Fixes, etc !!!

edited December 2018 in Game Feedback
Hey guys,

so I've been playing recently and I come from Playing Ark Survival Evolved with 1,655 hours. I know what to expect. I love Rend especially visually. However, the game could use a lot more, it does have the potential.

1) Implement a Map intereface. I cannot tell you the number of times I lost myself, not knowing where I was. Would be great if players had access to a map that shows their characters location.

2) More options for the chat, maybe emotes and stuff as well as a mini textbox to see what is being typed; underline, bold, etc.. As far as I can see, when I go beyond the length of the greyed out text box, my text disappears off the screen. Please fix.

3) Introduce a tutorial to the game, don't get me wrong, I love jumping into a game not expecting what to do and learning it myself. However, for population issues, I'd suggest improved tutorials, could use a lot of improvement. Talking more about the interface with skills, talents and crafting as a whole. Also, guiding the player, suggesting what building does what and for what purpose they should use it for. Talk about contents of the game, with the teleporters, etc.

5) A loot interface which shows the player every single creature, beast, chest, etc. What they hold, say if a player wants to craft a piece gear, but need a specific number of a resource which they've never heard of or seen. Then how are they going to know. If this interface was implemented with a search bar, it would bring up an answer. Suggesting the best creature to slay or best area to farm.

6) Content: With the map implementation, you could add endgame content. For example, WQ's (World Quests) like WOW does, litttle icons appear on the map informing the player that a World Quest is available. There could be different colours indicating different difficulties. Green for easy, yellow for medium, red for hard, purple for extreme and orange for legendary. It could include slaying monsters, puzzles, hard bosses, farming stuff, waves of horde monsters. With each difficulty, the quest gets harder and requires more players of certain skills. This is one thing to consider. World bosses is another thing.

As I continue to play this game, I will have more and more ideas that could be great for the game and making it more popular. One more thing I cannot stress enough guys, please FIX all bugs and glitches asap. For example, when I try to reload my ammo for a bow, the ammo I have doesn't reload onto the circle icon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, comments would be awesome!


  • Hey there Pluto, hope you don't mind if I reuse our conversation on the same topics from Discord.

    1. While we've considered a map in the past, right now we're still exploring what players communicating locations based on shared landmarks nets us in terms of social gameplay.

    2. One of our goals with Rend was to allow for exploration and discovery with regards to which resources can be found in which biomes. That said, the community has been populating an external wiki with those specifics for players who just want the information.

    3. We're continuing to tweak and improve the game's interface including those chat pane bugs you mentioned. Patch 7 will hit live servers soon with more than 100 game changes and bug fixes.

    4. The tutorial stones at the beginning are an initial stab at handholding new players through their first moments in Rend. We'll be updating it to be more interactive rather than just reading in the near future.

    5. While we've designed and are starting to implement bigger and more challenging creatures for players, our current focus is on shoring up the early and mid-game to be stronger. When the game retains players through a saga for longer periods, then we can explore reintroducing endgame biomes that our earliest testers glimpsed in Pre-Alpha.

    Definitely let me know your thoughts on how Patch 7 looks and plays!
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