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Rend Roadmap: Combat Reloaded

Even in its earliest designs, Rend’s development has been guided by two principle mechanics: survival gameplay and third-person-shooter gunplay. Over the course of Early Access, we’ve been harvesting player feedback and found that while Rend’s survival elements are strong (if a little daunting which we’ve begun to address as of Patch 6), its gunplay needs to feel more impactful and visceral. We’ve taken the community’s insights to heart, evaluating where combat can be improved upon further and how best to make Rend’s weapons “feel good” with the goal of designing the game’s combat to be competitive with other mainstream multiplayer shooters.



  • FrumpylumpsFrumpylumps ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Aim bots are a plague on modern multiplayer shooters. Rend could potentially set itself apart in this genre by giving significant flight time and arc to all projectiles with the exception close range weapons.
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