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Cant see any servers in Early Access list

Hello, I'v been trying to at least find a displayed server but non show up. I have tried using Anti-Cheat/ Non Anti-Cheat when logging in before hand. I would be very appreciative if someone can help me fix this issue. Thanks! -Curtis.


  • Did you play on the PTR? Be sure to change your Steam installation back to the live build if so.

    If not, be sure to update to the latest version deployed a few moments ago and let me know if you still aren't seeing servers.
  • Yeah, I am still not seeing any servers yet.
  • CURBIS wrote: »
    Yeah, I am still not seeing any servers yet.

    We've deployed another patch this morning. Once you update, make sure that your server list filter is including at least one of the game modes (Classic, Exploration, Faction War, Custom).
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