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Time to say "See you soon REND"

Yesterday, i post a message about my feelings with REND but it disappeared...or erased...who knows...

Well, to make a summary:

About 430 hrs played (worth the 25 Usd), it's time to take a break. The latest hours i didn't feel comfortable playing the game, mainly, because the faction unbalance, i played in both sides:
A. Playing in a faction with to many active players and being superior about the other 2 factions, with all the high level stuff (armor, weapons and other things) already crafted, it seems that you don't have nothing useful to do, just being there for reckoning and go to kill some enemies in PvP.
B. Playing in a faction with just 2 or 3 teammates active, where the other faction takes all the outpost 24/7 at week, being impossible to recapture some of them, and being so far in the spirit race and about the sparks for the researching and having teammates that are just waiting for the restart and didn't help nothing.
Both sides, demotivating me, i felt that there is anything useful to do.

I love all the craft system, i love to go to different zones and gather resources, and then help to build the main base. I fall in love with the environment, the sounds and music, the graphics and more. I don't like to much the PvP, so i prefer to stay in the main base at reckoning time, just 2 or 3 times, i went to the enemies bases but, having so many powerful teammates, it was not necessary to go to attack the enemy base, they are all already dead.

REND needs to fix several things, some bugs that affect a lot, like when your game crash or freezes and your character still running and you died far away. And the tame system. But, for me, the faction balance and having more options for winning the cycle is so important.

I stopped playing REND a week ago because that, and i think that no more REND for a while, or maybe i will play in some unofficial server focused on PvE and play with freedom without the obligation of waiting for teammates help and doing things just for myself and enjoy all the good things that i love in the game.

I hope Dev's find the right path to improve the game, it has the pottential and the idea is very good, but maybe not the execution. Faction balance and more ways or mechanics for the victory are necessary.


  • Sorry your post disappeared, AFAIK no one would have deleted it. Sorry the faction experience felt crappy. We should have some news by EoW for you re: PvE. Hope we can help make your experience a better one moving forward and thanks for the feedback!
  • @DaOgre Thanks for your answer. I'm taking a break, waiting for your updates and the new content.

  • JotaCe wrote: »
    @DaOgre Thanks for your answer. I'm taking a break, waiting for your updates and the new content.

    This is DayZ 2.0 , this game needs years of development to be close to a full release , so just hopp into another game and have fun there , and come back in 2-3 years to see what they have done or changed Kappa.
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