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Thoughts on the "Friend of.." ascension perk

I think there should be a limit to how many different mobs you can choose to be "friend of." Ultimately, being able to prevent any mob from aggroing on you seems over-powered and game breaking.

Instead of being able to choose a type of animal to befriend and prevent aggro for every time the perk is purchased, you should limit it to maybe one or two.


  • From my understanding, this perk will cost a lot of AP- similar to the favored companion perk which also doubles each time you get it, so I doubt anyone will ever be able to be "friend of" all animals and never aggro any of them.
  • That being said, being able to friend the really annoying creatures that have little value would be huge.

    I would not at all be surprised that the number one thing people pick is yxen, followed closely by snow wolves and then the smaller spiders in dread veil.

    the pack creatures are rough and they are just everywhere.
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