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Fix the most frustrating, painful and discouraging bugs asap please


I know if not very often but 2 days ago we spent 4 hours farming in T4 and because of "bug/glich/player mistake/whatever" we died and 3 times (on several deaths) our bodies just disappeared. We were definitly at the right location of our corpse but 100% sure, it was not here!

I know that's a bug or maybe a player mistake or whatever, but losing 6700 sparks and several hours of farming like that is just so frustrating that it really discourage to play.

I'm not talking about being killed in pvp or being looted but just the corpse disappeared. That should never happen. Same when you fall in a hole.
You should always be able to get your body!
First, the beam should be bigger to help noobs a bit more.
Second where ever you die, your corpse should always be in a "main" and "accessible" platform.

4 days ago for example, in T4 I put a fondation on the floor and I instantly saw "you felt and died"... HOW THE FUCK CAN I FALL WHEN I AM ON THE FLOOR AND I CREATE A FONDATION??? ok whatever... nevermind... but the big joke: my corpse was in the hole 40 meters away but in a very down platform "glich" and so no way to get it back!!!

This is a survival game, it's not always that easy to survive, even when you do nothing to die, a bug/glich can kill you and that's really frustrating but... I can get it... but I can never understand why I cannot get my body (and farming / stuff) back when I didn't died in pvp and been looted!

Talking about that, we had previously the discussion about "is it normal to lose everything" or could we find something more adapted, but that could be also helpful in that situations... maybe the drop rate in pve and pvp could be different? maybe if you die only due to pve (no report of death in the chat), your body could not be lootable by other factions? maybe when you are looted by another faction you get a chat notification so you know you can stop searching your body?
(And maybe we could talk again to the drop rate in pvp too? because more and more people just pvp naked or just in armory stuff, because whatever is your armor, (due to some bugs?), you'll die almost as fast... so it's great we have a game with a lot of possible items, but we barely use them now...)

Thanks in advance.


  • SaltychipmunkSaltychipmunk ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Ah yes the you have fallen 1mm and died glitch, to be fair it is a pretty rare glitch , i have only seen it once in 350 hours of play.

    A bunch of people are pretty polarized in the topic of what you drop. The more hardcore believe it should always be drop everything on death.

    I frankly dislike that stance because it out right discourages pvp. And in a game where pvp is supposed to be the focus it really does not make much sense for it to be so heavily discouraged.

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