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Unresponsive "Join Server" Button

Blackoak server has been completely unresponsive for over a day now, no response from devs despite submitting support tickets.

The Issue: Server details either never loads or when it does the "Join Server" button does nothing, no error message, no freezing just a click animation. This issue is happening for everyone trying to login to the server, different accounts, locations and computers.

Frequency: 100%
Severity: 5

The reckoning is tonight and unless this is fixed before the lost level our bases there will be no reason for anyone to return.


  • **Minor Update**
    So apparently you can still force your way in with a click macro. Not that it does any good as nothing loads (even after 10 minutes in), no base, no talents, skills, ascension points or inventory.

    Please do something about the server asap, or at least try to.
  • We have the same problem at EU - Spirithammer, cant get it, and we could not get in during yesterdays reckoning, and stil cant today. FIX THIS DEVS!!!!!!
  • *** Update**
    Missed the reckoning, hours later they restarted the server and now we can get back in. Base is 100% in tact (all teams), I would expect the other servers have survived it in one piece too.
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