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Multi Shields Dropping

I think we could have some interesting interactions if instead of staggering when outposts drop their shields they drop in groups.

All homeland shields drop on the same schedule, and all byways drop on the same schedule.

And when are the Prime points going to drop their shields? we never make it long enough to see them go down.
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  • I've actually had the same thought process. I feel part of the reason there isn't more active contesting of the capture points may have to do with the points coming active too often. If the points dropped more frequently, but dropped as a group it *might* cause more people to go to them. It'd be interesting to have the shields drop once/day as a group (so all homelands, all byways, or all primes) and capturing it results in you getting the sparks for x number of hours, then they reverted back in enough time to make sure the original owners can rebuild defenses. I just don't know how to handle the byways outposts in this situation, though as I said in another thread it'd be interesting to actually have the byways be locations that actually jointly defended. Would promote the idea of factions being able to co-operate.
  • Well its two things.

    One issue is the fact that everyone just assumes someone will ninja cap them at 3 in the morning or when ever it happens.

    The other one is that once strong walls are put up.. there isn't really a reason too defend an out post because the other factions would probably need bombs to get in at that point.

    Having durable defenses make sense for personal bases because they are always vulnerable (which is why the wall nerf hit so hard)
    And the main faction base should be durable because potentially 40 players could attack it at once. but outposts

    Outposts arent fun too attack once a team is established on one.
  • Well, this fixes ninja capping. By only have one set go down per day, at a specific time it makes it more of an event like the reckoning. More time to prepare and less feeling like you'd have to be constantly preparing. It also prevents one faction from permanently controlling all of the outposts. If the outposts are put on a regular rotation, it also lets players make plans around which outposts to assault ahead of time and how to do it. They can actually scout the outpost's exterior.

    If we assume that your view that the outposts aren't fun because they're too defensible against an actual siege, maybe the solution is to limit the building that can be done on them. I don't want to remove the ability to build on outposts, I think that it's important, but if we provide limits on the number of structures that can be built on them (or maybe a structure 'point' system so that different structures can be worth different values) people have to make choices on how large the structure is. Do I want an impenetrable wall 4 high... but have the outpost base itself be tiny, or is it maybe better to drop the wall down one, or even two, to give more space... or the ability to build traps? How much do we want the roof?

    As my original concept for base defending pets evolved in my mind, I'd actually extended it into a system that could cover this issue. Defender pets being able to support and construct a certain amount themselves. Basically, a limited amount of free construction they were able to do, with each pet having unique aesthetics and structures. Personal bases would have one set as a defender. Outposts might have multiple. The faction base could probably be setup with a few. Building personal bases and outposts would be limited exclusively to what the defenders could build. As they leveled they could support more structures. Buildings on these locations, because they were limited, would also be free or nearly so. These 'defenders' are actually gathering materials and building the structures that you indicate, with aesthetics and special structures appropriate to the creature. So an elemental one might be able to construct stone walls, fire traps, a well (for water), and some sort of launching air transport. It also fixes the issue of people draining the faction base materials to build their personal base.
  • Well they dont necessarily have to be once a day, They could go down as often as they do now, Its simply the Idea that like the reckoning you have to make a choice in how many attackers and defenders you bring to the fight.
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  • I feel like there's already a lack of care about the outposts, having 3 of them drop at a time isn't going to be much motivation. If they're less frequent but possibly slightly more complex, it might be a more special event.
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