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"Otherworldy Flora" perk of Botany still gives +15 spirit capacity

edited August 2018 in Bug Reports
Path 3 notes say:
"All perks, talents, consumables, and Ascension runes that granted increases to Spirit Capacity have been redesigned."

But "Otherworldy Flora" perk of Botany still gives +15 spirit capacity:



  • Otherworldly Flora still functions as before, just without the spirit capacity element. We'll be fixing how it shows in the perk pane.
  • Actually, it doesn't work at all. Since the patch spirit flowers no longer drop while harvesting plants.
  • @thofda Carefully re-read what it says, Since the spirit change it no longer gives spirit flowers, instead it causes spirits to escape from plants you harvest, same thing as the research but with it and the research done it's a pretty good chance but still needs some adjustements
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