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Building Clan Outposts, Personal bases, and building progression.

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I have been playing rend for about 2 weeks now. One of my goals is to really understand the base building mechanics, design drawbacks, flaws, and advantages. I've learned a ton from other players and I really like the concept of this feature. However...

While I realize that base design and placement is a VERY important aspect of the game, I feel strongly that this needs to be tied to progression in some way. Also realizing that it's never a good idea to store anything of real value in these types of outpost style bases. Here's the scenario.

You build a base, it's almost nye impregnable but...

1. The other faction on day 2 comes to your starting area builds a rickety ramp, uses double jump to hop on top of your base and blow it up from the top down. or;
2. You build a base and the other faction on day 3 blows up the foundation destroying all of the upper floors or a good chunk.

Now, I know that these top two scenarios can easily be prevented by good base design, but the game system itself should progress players through the base progression mechanic. Here are my suggestion points. Please discuss or debate any one or all of these.
  1. Base building materials are tied to research tier. eg. unlock tier 2 start upgrading walls using cragstone.
  2. Base infiltration are tied to tier and/or faction skills. eg. t1 siege bombs should have little to no effect on a cragstone reinforced building.
  3. Building buildings in other faction zones tied to a faction research skill.
  4. Remove the display of faction and base owner information from the doors. Only display this information when hovering over the clan seed. Call this a form of espionage. If you have good clan and faction cohesion, you'll know who's base is who's.
  5. Add a placable 'magic' object that notifies the faction in chat when A base is being infiltrated and in what region. This magic object would have some sort of proximity range. (might also be used to exploit the abovementioned base owner information)
  6. Building proximity footprint increased. I think the proximity of building structures by other separate players is 2 to 3 blocks. This should be increased to deter players from building next to another base.
  7. Remove personal bases and increase clan base limitations, and give each clan and faction a total clan seed cap.
  8. All structures without a clan seed, rock, wood, etc, degrade within 6ish RT hours. (This discussion is not about taming right now).

I welcome any thoughts and open discussion.


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    1: Wait... are personal base building materials not tied to the same construction tiers as the faction base...?
    2: My understanding is this is already how it works...
    3: Uncertain on this, but my base instinct is no. If you can build and maintain a base in opposing faction zones, kudos to you. It's also a valid method of infiltration IMO.
    4: For the love of Odin no. There are already too many issues with faction communication. Most of us are trying to improve it, and you want to have "LoL, oops, broke your structure dude." be a problem?
    5: I honestly think that something along these lines should just be a part of the seed, but the problem is it being used to just get people's attention. I'll walk around smacking every enemy structure with a hammer once just to get people to react.
    6: Uncertain on this one as well. My base instinct is wait, and really it boils down in my mind to 'What kind of game does FK want for Rend?'. Building raiding outposts can honestly be a good, valid strategy.
    7: No. I think clan bases are potentially a bigger problem than personal bases. At least a personal base will just splinter a single individual away from the faction, clan bases can result in huge chunks of a faction just not participating.
    8: I'd probably be okay with this. There's no reason for structures to last a long time without a seed IMO.
  • 8. but but , my favorite thing to do is is pepper stone cutters and saw mills all over the map. you better not decay my sawmills and stone cutters .
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    @Saltychipmunk You are the cancer that causes 8 to be necessary. :P
  • SaltychipmunkSaltychipmunk ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    You gimme 50 seeds and ill think about it. But I aint moving 1200 units of crumble stone across heartholm if i can just make 10 - 20 stone cutters everywhere and move 1200 units of cut stone instead. that is simply more efficient that is .

    Not my fault FK decided to shit on faction bases by making personal bases so much better...

    besides i dont even use walls anymore ....
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Honestly, even with number 8 in place... it's still probably more efficient to create a stonecutter on the ground for 6 hours to mine out an entire area, and it's surrounding areas, and recognize that the stonecutters are going to decay.
  • 6 hours is not nearly enough time. if there is decay it should be over the course of days , not hours. And there should be a way to reset decay via use.
  • @Saltychipmunk Then use a seed if you don't want to see your stuff puff out. That's the point of tying structures to seeds. It also gives a reason to raid other factions and slow down their progress by destroying another seed with stuff on it.
  • SaltychipmunkSaltychipmunk ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    @Broopanda , Do you have 30 or so seeds i can use all at once?

    I do not think people appreciate how powerful having open air refineries everywhere is.

    The time you can save by having an alch table in the poppy fields or groups of stone cutters at the edge of hearthholm.. or hell being able to place forges near iron spots in the swamp is immeasurable.

    Why do i need to protect them with a seed if i know they wont be attacked? Why do i have to make them a target ?

    Those forges and cutters are far more useful to me and are far safer as lone buildings out in the boonies than some centralized base i have to waste time and money sinking shitloads of cement and bricks into protecting a bloody tree.

    Stop forcing me into investing more than i need into things , and stop restricting me.

    the whole point of refineries is to be near the crap they are too refine. I cant do that if i am limited to a single tree thing .

  • I Join to the saltychipmunk army B) those stone cutter or forges in resources zones are pure love <3
  • @Saltychipmunk I'm not saying that you can't have open air structures or crafting. It's a cost-benefit question. While you're out there you should be able to repair the structure/refineries. When you're logged off. They degrade. Sure, you can totally have people in your faction upkeep and use them while you're away but again, it's a cost-benefit scenario of what do you spend your time doing. I'm not saying that we should disallow open air or non-seed buildings at all.

    Also, you don't need 30 seeds if your clan/faction is well organized.

    As for the earlier comment about the trouble with having communication between faction members and clan members, That's the point. This is a group based game that REQUIRES constant communication and good cohesion between players on the same faction. Your team will fail otherwise.
  • I think some of the issues are planned to have a simple fix,

    I read somewhere that Seige damage and structures dont interact properly.. Im Not 100% on what will be changed to make it work correctly, But i Assume the advantage to using the better materials would hopefully become more evident than it is currently.
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