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bypassing 24 hour reset?

On a private server, is there a way to bypass the 24 hour wait for reset after ascension? I assume doing an actual wipe would negate any AP gained?

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  • Can anyone explain why there is any delay at all?
  • I think its to allow people to log in and collect their bonus AP, which it seems like they could just mark every character, and they could just aquire them at their next login after the reset.
  • Exactly Right.

    The AP has nothing to do with the server once the game ends. There are no points on the server - as the game is over.

    The points are with the user account NOT the server.

    So, the instant the game ends the computer just gives the points to the user account. Done.

    There is no reason for a delay of any sort that I can possibly conceive of other than an arbitrary cooling off period to encourage people to leave Rend and play something else.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    1: To let people plan for the next round. That way they log in, know the saga is over, and can figure out when the next one starts and when they need to be on. 24 hours isn't that long.

    2: AP is currently held on individual servers, with import/export mechanics eventually (or they may skip over them in order to go to the better system of keeping AP on a centralized server)
  • I dont think they should reopen servers till the other fill up and finish
  • @Darinth I understand what your saying with the giving time to plan and what not but for instance me and a few friends play on a server, PvE just for fun, and we ascended, but we dont want to wait 24 hr. Is there a setting we can change so maybe make it like 1hr? I am not saying we play PvE it was more of just a senario.
    Why play to win, when you can Sham around?
  • I for one and all for this m8. I will do my best to make sure this post stays at the forefront of the forums. I run a PVE focused just for shits and giggles server to just have fun on. When one faction wins, we all just want to reset right then and start the fray all over again! There 100% needs to be a way to just force the server to reset, or even set a time for the server to reset or countdown. It is as simple as a server restart just about. Please Frostkeep! Head us! Help us please!
  • I think its to give everyone that played on it a chance to get in and spend the AP.
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