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Inventory management is painful! QoL needed.

The current UI for the inventory and various containers leaves a lot to be desired. It's not bad, but it has issues that makes the end game and certain playstyles very grindy. It also takes away from the PvP focus of this game when you constantly have to fiddle with your inventory and the faction base's storage. Here's a list of issues in order of how much they hurt the game for me:

No auto sorting of inventories! I keep having to scour the page of numbers and icons that is my messy inventory in order to find the heavy materials that are weighing me down or that one valuable item I need for crafting. It gets much worse when having to search my entire faction base's messy storage! Please let us sort our inventory along with some of the larger containers. Allow us to sort by alphabetical, weight and type. Rarity would also be nice.

Fast travel is a colossal pain because of the way dropped items work. There is no Take All button on drop barrels and when fast travelling the drop barrel doesn't appear where you were standing, often appearing in some nearby drop barrel or somewhere a fair distance away. I once had my drop barrel appear floating in the air outside my personal base, up for grabs in clear view! This is also an issue when dismissing a pet with a full and messy inventory as it leaves a drop barrel.

Item stacking, moving and splitting is missing a few key QoL features present in other games. It's a huge slog having to drag-drop stacks one at a time into containers or processing machines. It gets much worse for alchemists, with some plants only stacking up to 30 and often decaying down to 25 by the time you're done gathering. Hotkeys for various actions would be great (e.g. shift-click to quickly transfer items, control-click to break a stack in half, shift-alt-click to transfer ALL stacks, there's a lot of ways to do it.)

Inventory icons are lacking some info. This issue is more pronounced because of lack of sorting (see above) but some items are difficult to distinguish from others, e.g. Sunstone topaz vs regular topaz, miscellaneous animal parts and weapon qualities. Perhaps a coloured border of the item's rarity will suffice for this. Some at-a-glance info for enhancement modifiers (like dots or stars in the corner of the icon) would also be great and make inventory management easier for crafters and PvPers.

Hope this thread helps. If anyone else has ideas for QoL fixes please tell us about them!


  • You can press T to transfer an item over quickly.
  • Even that's bugged sometimes (just straight up doesn't work) but it's only a start. This stuff definitely needs a revisit. I have to fight the UI harder than I have to fight the players in this game.
  • Auto-sort and shift+RMB to move items between inventory and containers, please. Also, allow me to type the amount I want to split from a stack.
  • FronkeyFronkey
    edited August 2018
    I just started playing the game and I am having lots of fun, obviously this is early access. That being said simply allowing for a button on containers that auto stacks and sorts inventory would be a HUGE inventory improvement by it self alone. Followed by the ability to split stacks into a specified number.
  • Uziel wrote: »
    Also, allow me to type the amount I want to split from a stack.

    This is a MUST BE in the game, it's so annoying move the arrows until the number you want, type the number will be easer.
  • They probably thought "you can split it in half, so the number of steps needed to get to a certain amount are ln(n) with n being the number of items in the stack. Logarithmic costs are pretty much optimal in a lot of cases, it's just annoying when you have to do 5 splits by hand to to get 220 out of 500 items. (And then stack the remaining two stacks back up to 280 units.)

    I'd prefer to be able to just type "220" for that task, too. :smile:
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    @Futschi Actually... I imagine they thought "yes, this needs done, but there are higher priority things, like making the game work at all." This is an obvious enough QoL improvement that I'm willing to just give FK the benefit of the doubt and say they'll get to it eventually. It's important to point it out, but I expect they're already well aware of the need for this functionality and have no intention of not putting it in.
  • I think so too. But if you can do quick arithmetics in your head it's usually not that many clicks to reach the preferred number with splitting stacks in half. :)
  • Consider settings keybind for consume, transfer, drop, split and split one. Also consider auto stacking when transfering items.
    Keys like A for transfer, D for drop, left shift for split and left control to split one, and left mouse clik to consume, would be a huge improvement!
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    @Allavez T is currently used for transfer, but I'm not aware of any other keybinds atm sadly.
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