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Developers and relatives playing in clans together ?

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This is posted on Steam general, i am very concerned about devs who prop up the clans they are in, it ruins the game for the paying customers.
I am curious if FrostKeep cares about this or not ?

So some information that you all might find interesting... Players can ban others... better Rep chests, properly labeled chests.... Seems odd that they are divulging information to clan members and asking them to keep it on the downlow.

Granted this is not a confirmation that the said person is indeed a dev. but it makes me worry about the precedent this is starting in a game that just entered EA on Steam.


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Well... I mean... I'm not a dev... but I don't care about this. Seriously. Are you getting bent out of shape because a dev was talking about the features that are coming tuesday giving a tiny bit extra information than was already stated on the forums? When you posted this I was thinking I was gonna actually hear something bad, like a Dev telling one faction about another faction's layout or where there good gear was stored... but mentioning upcoming features. This... isn't an issue that I give a damn
  • So sure maybe this information was not a huge issue, but what about all the stuff that was not recorded ? It worries me that devs are influencing the game by divulging information to the clan they join, let alone other things a developer can do while in game.

    Seems like a slippery slope.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    I'll be worried about something when there's evidence of some actual foul play. When a dev is giving information to faction A about faction B which gives an advantage, that's a problem. This is just a dev excited about the new features and wanting to talk to someone in the community about them because they've been taking a good bit of flak. As someone who's tried making independent games, I can sympathize. FK has to tread a fine-line between releasing too much information about features that may be incomplete or untested or may need to be be cut because they don't feel they're really what FK wants and not saying anything and leaving players in the dark.

    Seriously, you're jumping at shadows and forming a conspiracy theory where there is none.
  • Making a mountain out of a mole hill. Cheese tactics kill servers , which kill game interest , which kill sales . it is in the developers interest to keep factions in servers balanced.

    It is also in the interest of the players to keep things balanced .. so that you dont end up with a dead server.

    If I recall the user you got those links and quotes from was acting like a dick waffle in chat and stalked the discord of the clan in question.

    He deserved to eat a ban and is just spewing garbage out of all his orifices to get some sort of revenge.
  • a bunch of nonsense
  • I played with GM's in UO. Played with Devs in WOW. They are more aware of what they can and can't do because it means their jobs. End of story.
  • Hi,
    i don't see a problem here - dev's like to talk about the things they implemented and love to use the programs they made.
    So - let him have his fun - it's unlikely for a dev to cheat - since:
    a) That would ruin his server
    b) That would ruin his job
  • Honestly, I'd be worried if none of the Devs played the game. :D
  • Dradiin wrote: »
    i am very concerned about devs who prop up the clans they are in, it ruins the game for the paying customers.

    This would be a cause for concern if it were happening, which it isn't. The team's Steam accounts can't use developer commands (cheat codes) on official servers.

    What did happen: a player who was banned for using hate speech against other players recorded and selectively edited an informal Discord conversation to suggest a developer was imparting an unfair gameplay advantage when the discussion was about future anti-griefing concepts detailed in the Patch 1 patch notes.

    TLDR: Nothing happened.
  • SaltychipmunkSaltychipmunk ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Yup, but the faux shit storm did . fake news is cancer and i really do wish there was a way to make the dickwaffles responsible culpable in some way for the damage they do.

    Oh well
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