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Storage Alternate to the Warehouse

I agree that organization becomes a hell of a problem beyond T1. Just thinking about it from a coding and design perspective with the implemented permission system and I can already see why the Devs yanked the warehouse and probably wont want to put it back in.

A quick and easy alternative for the Devs to entertain if they already haven't explored it is to allow Elders to set category restraints on storage objects. When a user interacts with the crate/box/basket they are notified with a symbol or list in the UI of what can be put in the box. A visually pleasing compliment to this would be that any objects in your inventory that cannot be submitted are greyed out.

The benefit to this is that it is a far less complex solution to implement and it maintains the objectives of the current permission system while providing the faction maximum flexibility in storage. Add some code, maybe a few more sprites for symbols, an extra UI on the radial for elders and done.

What do you guys think?


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    mmm... meh... not really a fan I have to acknowledge. In the end, it kind of solves the storage problem. It's going to chase away a lot of the players who don't like having to deal with the constant organization. It does nothing to solve the pain of actually figuring out how your faction has organized stuff or of gathering the materials needed to craft something.

    If we added a unified interface for dealing with all of the faction storage I'd be good with that, but then we'd be right back where we were of people not liking the fact that the manual organization has been removed from the game. I think this may simply be a fundamental difference in how some people like to play. Some people like to have dozens of chests for organization, others just get frustrated at the concept.
  • FrozenCdnFrozenCdn
    edited July 2018
    Darinth wrote: »
    It does nothing to solve the pain of actually figuring out how your faction has organized stuff or of gathering the materials needed to craft something.

    Storage is already tiered by reputation level and if you're not already aware of it - you can label the containers. Also, organized teams put chests in front of all of the objects in base already. It's naturally organized that rocks go next to the stone cutter, metal next to the forge.

    You're entitled to your opinion like everyone else and as a solo person, a unified location sounds great, I get it, but the rest of us are unfortunately playing a multiplayer game. And for the OCD types that like to organize they could join an unofficial server where the permissions are relaxed if this was implemented. :)

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  • And it doesn't help. The people that don't like the storage organization on labeled, open boxes just place crap wherever. If you make it so you can force them, they'll place extra boxes down and just use them as their trash box to place everything in. My team kept nagging people to follow base organization and that's exactly what happened at least 2 or 3 times where we really tried to bother people to put things in the right place.

    You're living in a dream world where people will not find a way around forcing them.
  • I also gotta say, if you're collecting resources for base upgrades and you're just using the construction table or nearby barrels or whatever for stacking the mats, they're gonna disappear. Someone is going to grab them and go use them to build their own base. I'd really like a supply dock or supply pile that I can dump mats into and know that they will actually be used towards win progression that won't just be used somewhere else.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    @Uziel The Warehouse with the suggested (and appropriate) controls over who can use resources should be able to do this without any issues. When things get started, all elders would have to do is set the resource permissions so only appropriate individuals can make use of them and depositing to the warehouse will make sure that those materials are used on the base.
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