The official Rend servers are online. Please share your game feedback and bug reports with us!

Early Access Launch Server List

Preparing for Rend Early Access to launch tomorrow morning? So are we!

Here's the list of the first official servers we'll be opening at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) on July 31.




  • Ok, so its tuesday and not wednesdays as stated before right?
    (exept for the servers that wil do thursdays and sundays also)
    Follow me into the spirit realm!
  • Just curious:

    I have a day job (8-4 CST). I got my kids to start the download as soon as I could buy the game. No doubts my download will be done by the time I get home, but I'm concerned about servers.

    I play in North America, where you've got 12 servers slated to open today. That's only 720 NA players. Looking at the Steam numbers, you guys are currently creeping up on 4000 players in-game.

    Are we late-comers going to be relegated to sitting in a queue, waiting for fresh servers, or forced to play on a private server?

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