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Rend Early Access Patch 1: Patch Notes



  • When is patch note 1.5 patch note and update start time?
  • seems there is no patch for today? Only see a lot of spam on the forums from griefers and nothing is being done to it, sadly.
  • i've heard rumors about a patch for today, fingers crossed
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    Leonerdo wrote: »
    @Awful Citizen Why would you want to play on a faction with those guys anyways. The other factions on the server aren't a good option either, since I don't want to get destroyed by a full faction of people who treat the game as their day job. Outcast or not, I'd just join a different server entirely.

    Because it would take a lot of :effort: to rebuild all I have in another server. The mechanic doesnt protect me from me encountering another bunch of douche.bags in another faction doing the same.

    The server is unbalanced already, there are 40 people in Order (where 29 are TEA) and 1 in Revenant, and 3 in Covenant... this causes the server to be unbalanced, the win the order has is like running around in GOD Mode... This problem with the Outcast system is not all the problem with the game itself, there are other balance issues that until they are addressed the game is not fun...
    Leonerdo wrote: »
    Looking at it in a not-so-nice, but realistic way: "Outcasts" already existed. There are plenty of players who didn't belong on the faction they joined, because they didn't fit how the rest of the faction wanted to play. (Whether the faction or the individual is at fault is irrelevant to my argument.) And they were likely to quit playing on that faction anyways, because of bullying, being banned by an admin, or just feeling out-of-the-loop. This system just speeds up the process of pushing "outcasts" out. Any "abuse" of the system (groups bullying individuals) would happen regardless.

    If they remove the ability for the Elders to have any say, it might have a shot...
    Leonerdo wrote: »
    At least it helps deal with lone trolls to a degree. I'll take it just for that.

    It's alright, the game is ruined for me already, all I am doing is waiting to see how the end game is, and then ill probably uninstall and count my losses...

    GG Frostkeep
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