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Rend Alpha Patch Notes

Our fourteenth Alpha update brings yet more tweaks and fixes as reported by our diligent testers! As always, we'll endeavor to include all updates and fixes in these notes but let us know if you discover anything missing.

Game Changes
  • Updated ursa model.
Balance Changes
  • Reduced movement speed of frabbits.
  • Slightly reduced movement speed of wargs.
  • Deep Wounds now lasts for 5 minutes (down from infinite) but now deals more damage.
  • Player abilities will no longer go on cooldown when being interrupted before applying effects.
Crafting Changes
  • Removed Roughwood Dowels, Hardwood Dowels, Roughwood Handles, and Hardwood Handles from all recipes, these items are no longer craftable at the Sawmill.
Interface Changes
  • Added EULA.
  • Added even more icons.
  • Assorted biome renames:
    • Hearthhome renamed to Hearthholm.
    • Scarsoun renamed to Skarsyre.
    • Frystkrokur renamed to Frystfel.
  • Assorted creature renames:
    • Rat species name changed to rotne.
    • Raptor species name changed to draak.
    • Turtle species name changed to rockjaw.
Bug Fixes
  • Teleport window will now close if you walk to far from where it was opened.
  • Spell tooltips now include more information about the spell.
  • Placeables should no longer be shrinkable.
  • Crafting tables with no table inventory will no longer show you the previous interacted inventory.
  • Removed unnecessary unlock displays from Research unlock panel.
  • Fixed mount harvest animation timing and cooldowns on most mounts.
  • Fixed an issue with arachnix harvesting different types with mount harvesting as opposed to pet harvesting.
  • Fixed for mortar crafting tree widget not showing all recipes at mortar station.
  • Fixed a server crash related to the Armory building.
  • Fixed more issues related to totems and their buffs.
  • Fixed glowing bow strings.
  • Fixed server age requirement for Reckoning getting reset when a server goes down.
  • Fixed research buff persistence issues.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Shadowstep (Assassin) to teleport to undesirable locations.
  • Fixed an issue causing consumable stats to round instead of display fractional digits.
Known Issues
  • Spacebar currently cannot be assigned as a keybind other than the default for jump.


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