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Game freezes randomly and locks my device


I have been playing Rend for a while now and while I know the game is still not fully optimized, I think there is some kind of memory leak going on. After playing for an hour or so, the game suddenly freezes and my entire device locks up. I can't Alt + Tab out of it even. I have to wait a while until finally it would allow me to Alt+Tab and then kill it in the process or Alt+F4 from it.

This has happened like 3-5 times so far. At first I thought perhaps it is too much for my device and I lowered the resolution but it still doing it. Before, it used to happen sometimes once I connect to the server. Now it is after prolonged play. One time even I got a message from UE4 saying "The game can't find any more memory to allocate and is shutting down" followed by something like "UE4 can't is experiencing some high memory usage so it terminated the game".

I am not quite familiar with UE4, so I am not sure where does it dump the log files; if you can tell me, I can attach it/them.

Thanks in advance.
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