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Rend Alpha Patch Notes

Our twelfth Alpha update opens the central late-game biome, Roots of Yggdrasil, introduces the Ascension System, and adds customization options for the new character models as well as applying the latest game interfaces and lots of bug fixes and balance tweaks! As always, we'll endeavor to include all updates and fixes in these notes but let us know if you discover anything missing.

As a reminder, the Alpha media embargo is still in effect until we announce it has been lifted.

Game Changes
  • Added Roots of Yggdrasil biome.
    • This central biome has four rotating seasons with unique creature spawns and environmental buffs.
      • Bounty of Alfheim (Spring): Massively increases harvest yields.
      • Fever of Muspelheim (Summer): Significantly increases body temperature.
      • Gloom of Helheim (Fall): Removes passive health regeneration.
      • Chill of Niflheim (Winter): Dramatically decreases body temperature.
    • Each season in Roots of Yggdrasil lasts 30 real-time hours.
  • Added the Ascension System.
    • During a saga of Rend, Players can now earn Ascension Points to unlock Ascension Perks. Saga refers to an entire game or match of Rend from beginning to end.
      • You can access the Ascension Menu with hotkey “[“ (yes… left bracket).
    • Ascension Perks and Points can be earned throughout a cycle of Rend by doing a variety of activities such as combat, harvesting, base-building, and crafting.
      • A large bonus multiplier is applied to earned Ascension Points on completion of a saga.
    • Both Ascension Points and Ascension Perk unlocks persist between sagas.
    • Special Ascension Perks called Traits must be assigned to Ascension Slots in order to grant their powerful bonuses.
      • When you create a new character, your Ascension Slots will be empty
      • You can assign Ascension Traits during a game but cannot change an Ascension Trait once assigned.
      • These Ascension Traits will be introduced in an upcoming update.
  • Added Armory Building, craftable at the Construction station once researched.
    • Grants players a temporary set of gear, ideal for new players or corpse runs.
  • Added all-new character customization options including skin tones, hair styles, and more!
  • Added Tutorial Stones to starting area.
  • Added support for password-protected private servers.
  • Added server age requirement of 48 hours before Reckoning events can occur. The server being down does NOT add to this time.
  • Updated male and female character melee attack animations.
Balance Changes
  • Enemy Stronghold PvP debuff now only illuminates your location once you have killed an enemy player. The beam visual lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Reduced Control Point research rewards ~35%.
  • Control Points can now apply global buffs for the faction that owns them.
  • Roc's Wings (Pathfinder) will now only reduce falling speed while descending.
  • Poorly Cooked Meat and Salted Cured Meat now restore less Energy over a longer duration.
  • Increased weight of raw resources, decreased for refined resources.
  • Stealth (Assassin) now breaks upon mounting.
  • Decreased charger, yxen, glutt, and rockjaw movement speed gains based on rating.
  • Decreased average carry capacity of pets.
  • Increased charger harvest speed.
  • Increased yxen harvest speed.
  • Doubled yxen wood harvest quantity.
  • Reduced starting maximum weight capacity by 150.
  • Decreased charger mounted and pet movement speeds.
  • Decreased glutt pet movement speed.
  • Decreased yxen pet movement speed.
  • Most player abilities will no longer be usable while mounted.
  • Control Points will now drop shields every ~2 hours (was 3.5).
  • Players may no longer spawn at nor teleport to a Control Point while its shields are down.
Crafting Changes
  • Added Spirit Pouch, Spirit Satchel, Enchanted Spirit Crystal, Arcane Spirit Crystal, and Runescribed Spirit Vessel.
  • Added Crude Weapon Strap, Tough Weapon Strap, Warrior Weapon Harness, and Valhallan Weapon Harness.
  • Added Armored Granite Vault.
  • Added Armored Divinite Vault.
  • Added Divinite Armor.
  • Added Personal Siege Weapons: Arbalest and Explosive Ammo.
  • Added Transmutation Craft Skill Tree to Mystic Table.
  • Added medium and large metal resource nodes.
  • All meat can now be salvaged into Animal Blood.
  • Changed the default material for build mode to stone.
  • Removed Arbalest Sniper Crossbow.
Interface Changes
  • Added Ascension interface.
  • Added countdown messaging for the Reckoning.
  • Updated main menu interface.
  • Updated server select interface.
  • Updated character create and select interface.
  • Characters that are deleted will be removed from the faction list.
Bug Fixes
  • Forage (Pathfinder) buff will now correctly last 10 seconds.
  • Shadowstep (Assassin) should no longer get stuck on inclines.
  • Stealth (Assassin) now has an appropriate visual effect on use.
  • Fixed faulty logic causing Isolated Incident (Assassin) to trigger when it shouldn't and sometimes not trigger when it should.
  • Chat window is now properly scrollable.
  • Fixed torches not appearing or producing light until relogging.
  • Fixed server queue logic to prevent “too many joins” bug.
  • Fixed Trunks upgrading to Armor Racks instead of the next tier Trunk.
  • Fixed intro music stutter-starting on scene change.
  • Potential fix for Control Point timing issues.
  • Fixed a cave collision issue.
  • Fixed Double Jump (Assassin) being used infinitely. It’s called Double Jump, not Infinity Jump.
  • Fixed a bunch of class ability cooldowns.
  • Fixed fuel inventory not displaying after interacting with a refinery without a fuel inventory.
  • Fixed placeable craft speed multipliers not working.
  • Fixed an issue preventing taming progression.
  • Fixed creature nameplates sometimes not appearing.
  • Fixed faction chat being inaccessible depending on where the player logged in.
  • Applied potential resource node bug fixes.
Known Issues
  • Spacebar currently cannot be assigned as a keybind other than the default for jump.


  • XenoXeno ✭✭
    no tangelshot fix me so sad :'(
    also no turret fix or did you stealth fix them? I mean they shoot at walls if enemys tryed to break them. This means that they empty out their magazins long befor the enemy is even inside, making the turrets useless.

    aside from that good job on most of the other changes.
    I only dont agree on the CP timer. Reducing the timer means even more off hour raiding. I tought you try to desing away from that.

    Oh also under "Gems" :
    You get so many gem shards but there is barly any use for them.
    Why not allow us to enchant any tool with shards.
    T1 tools with the yellow one
    T2 tools from the next tier etc.

    You could also add the ability to reroll enchantments on weapons with the shards.
  • AnzarkAnzark
    edited July 2018
    I'll keep it short.

    One of the worst updates to resources weight you guys could ever make.

    Iron ore stack of 200 = 800 weight. GJ
    Crumble Stone stack = 600 / unchanged but given the changes to weight, ye, this is stupid.

    You cut our weight by 100+
    You cut our mounts weight by 50%

    You made personal bases mandatory to build everywhere just so we can farm ?
    You made research personal saw mills, etc. mandatory just so we can farm ?

    You made people now farm for 30 sec and made them go n dump the stuff because after 30 seconds they are already full and can't farm more.

    Game became overglorified Farming Simulator which requires your whole daily life and you have to forfeit sleeping as well to even proceed a little bit in anything.

    Even if 20 people farmed one resource it's still would be super pain in the ass.

    Even for experimenting sake it's over the top Frostkeep. Even for that.
    Hopefully you'll change that soon.

    Till then i ain't even touching Rend. It's no longer a game.
  • what is : Crude Weapon Strap, Tough Weapon Strap, Warrior Weapon Harness, and Valhallan Weapon Harness. please ? i craft the T1 but i dont know the effect
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