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Screen Break / Crash

I don't remember if it started with the newest patch release but occasionally while playing Rend my screen would lock and be covered in horizontal lines of alternating purple and yellow. My sound also glitches out to a continuous ring of whatever tone was being played when the crash started. When this happens I cannot input anything so it forces me to restart my computer. This has happened on at least 3 different occasions but recently it's forced my computer into troubleshooting mode twice in the same hour and I cannot start up Rend without it happening as opposed to the once or twice per week it used to be. I enjoy the game and would like to know if there's anything I can do to fix the issue if it's believed to be on my end.

I am running on Windows 10, I play the game off of Steam, and I purchased the game around early March.
If any additional information would help I'd be happy to oblige.

Best Answer

  • AntimusAntimus
    Accepted Answer
    I got the problem fixed! If anyone is experiencing this problem as well then you should update your windows software and scan their computer's hard drive for any threats. After all that everything should run smoothly again.


  • Also lowkey one of my favorite games. Frostkeep is doing something right!
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