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Suggestions about social functions

edited March 21 in Game Feedback
As I see a lot of Feedback about technical and functional problems, I want to give you Feedback about the social parts of the game because I think this is one of the more important things in the game!

In my opinion there is a lack of collaboration tools. You don’t know the players, you don’t meet them ingame. You don’t know what they are doing. And: you do not trust any of them.

In my opinion this game is based on collaboration with other players. You may know that feeling: You are farming Ore for hours. You logging in the next day: and all of the Ore is gone and you don’t know what’s happened with it.

I played together with a small group of players and we won almost every game. Not because we were the most players, we won just because we had active players and talked about every progress in the game. We chose which research we are focusing on and which player will craft the next better armor.

So, my suggestions are:
- You need a platform like an ingame forum for players to collaborate. Let the more active players give instructions and let the less active players ask questions about what to do next. (a permanent chat is not enough).
Players need to talk in forum threads about the next important research. They need to arrange who is focusing on weapons, armor or buildings, …
And this has to be a very present ingame function so that every player has to have a look to it. This will help all new players a lot!
- Implement a log for storage/Warehouses to track every movement of materials. Only if everyone sees what’s happening with all the valuable materials, players can track bad choices and teach other players what they can do better the next time. They can also identify saboteurs and ban them.
- Implement a friend system and a clan system. You should have the possibility to connect with good guys and play with them in more than one round.
There should be a possibility to form a clan. I suggest to limit the player pool if a clan joins a round. Every clan member should reserve a slot in the round. As an example: if a clan with 15 members joins a round, only 5 random players can join the round at the same time even if the clan members are not online.
- Implement a clan ranking. Let the clans battle each other. There are a lot of small things clans can do, to be a little bit more efficient. It challenges you if you have to choose a tactic to beat another team.

My next suggestions are about winning conditions. I played in a round which finished the t4 research after 2 weeks and upgraded every wall with t4 and crafted already all good armor and weapons. But they had only 40.000 spirits. The only way for them to finish the game is to just farm spirits for another 1-2 weeks. No player has fun with this kind of gameplay.

My suggestions for additional winning conditions:
- PVP: If a faction conquers every single outpost (Homeland, Byway, Prime) and defend it for let’s say 24 hours, the faction will win the game. This is a huge pvp challenge but it makes it more worth to capture or defend the outposts.
- Research: Implement an option to win a game by researching something. I have 2 ideas:
o 1.: There is a final research you can focus on if you finished every available research. If you finished this research, you win the game Instantly.
o Or 2.: As a last research of every spark you can research something that let you find more spirits everywhere or give you an amount of spirits. You can repeat this research.
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