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The bow update is bugged

It's been almost a month that I don't play the game after the Bow update. Very unfortunate change IMHO as I said in several times in discord.

Giving a chance again to the game and to the new bow I just entered to play right now and looking at discord and at the forums, I am really impressed to be the first one to notice and report this bug...

"double clicking left button, the bow stays drawed at its full strength."

So, That makes me think either almost nobody plays with the bow (even if they say so), maybe because they don't like it now like me... or maybe they just preffer another weapon and never played with the bow (with a high tier bow, I mean).

Anyway, for me it's clear, I can't believe that real bow players, love the actual functionality (that parabola... that drop off....)

I'm convinced that the bow update was instigated by other weapons players that felt that bow was overpowered. If bow is overpowered, then that is fair, it's OK!!.

But looking that almost nobody plays with bow, please (I mean HUGE PLEASE) give us back, a good nice and enjoyable experience using our beloved bow.... We've spent so many hours to get high tier bows...for nothing.

If you don't want to take back the hitscan, at least make a more enjoyable and coherent trajectory, more intuitive or flat, without that dramatic and random drop off.

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