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BUG - player spirit drops personal bag on ground without pillaging (URGENT!!)

I've seen another bug today in our custom server "Devil Dawgs". Our player Draven left in an open area, and I saw his spirit from afar. When I got close, without even pushing a button, his spirit disappeared and left his bag on the ground with all his stuff. An hour later the bag was still there, and the spirit was still gone. He belongs to my clan, so I am asking in his behalf.
Is this a glitch? Is this normal? Will he recover his stuff? He still needs to connect and check if he has his stuff or not, but it doesnt look good when having it in the ground for a long time. Please fix this and let us know if we have to do something.
Thank you.


  • It sounds like something destroyed the adventurer spirit that remains when a character logs off away from the faction stronghold or their claimed base. The bag normally shouldn't last that long afterwards. That said, best suggestion would have been to empty the bag and return the items to the player assuming they didn't reconnect soon afterwards and were able to reclaim the bag's contents for themself.
  • CaronteCaronte
    edited February 21
    Well, yes, this we knew. The question is the server is closed only to us clan members (4 people) and we can assure nobody pillaged the bag. And apparently the game considered it was pillaged by just getting close to it, which is a bug I assume. That is why we are contacting you, mainly.

    And yes, he lost his stuff because I thought touching his bag would definitely be considered pillaging, something I didnt want to do. As I say, it was a bug, the soul wasnt supposed to disappear, I know that in orere to do so, the key "F" has to be pressed. Far too many bugs in here...but well. If you at least put your efforts on correcting them, that should be enough. Just dont simply suggest us what to do if that happens, please...that shows you dont care at all about our gaming experience.
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