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"Fatal Error!" message on starting the game

I Have seen that this error was reported before, but I want to highlight that the "Fatal error!" crash window on starting the game after the loading screen previous to entering the game is back in the game. Since 10 minutes ago, I cannot access my custon server with that error kicking me from the game. No crash reports are generated using your -crashreports line in Steam, and no "Saved" folder is present in the game folder as you describe.
Thanks in advance for considering this.


  • Now it seems like I can access the game for 2 seconds right before it kicks me back to the main screen of the game. 4-6 times doing the very same. Access seems now possible, but the servers seem to be still experiencing some issues to fully connect.
  • Somehow fixed. It still randomly happens but its less severe than before. Thank you.
  • I have similar! What should I do! Please help me :(
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