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To play or not to play? The question

Hey guys. I have watched Rend from afar for a while now. I am concerned with some of the negative comments in STEAM I see. I want to buy into this game and enjoy it. Now I am trying to get a general sense, from the positive oriented side of the community (if there is one I hope it is in here), whether or not this game has legs. I am not looking for huge reviews or to start a debate. Just honestly articulated positives or negatives concerning whether to play or not to play. Thanks a bunch!!


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    So the positives are that; Frostkeep really is working to make a great game, they are always releasing patches and listen to players reactions to areas of the game that could be improved, there is a lot to learn when you first start playing and the PvE is pretty good. You may feel nervous to go and get the materials you need because there are plenty of mobs that do a great amount of damage. Playing on Faction War invites a bit more competitiveness for both PvErs and PvPrs. 

    The negative as of Febuary 2019 is that a lot of the community is waiting for some significant changes to team balancing and spirit dropping in Faction War. So at the moment there is very low population, which obviously compliments PvErs more than PvPrs. 

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