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Dedicated Servers

Hello I currently got a dedicated server thru the partners SurvivalServers. I noticed after purchasing it that it is set to strictly have PvP reckoning mode on and am not able to change it to Exploration mode thru them it seems. Does anyone know of any dedicated server hosts that offer different modes for the game or do they all strictly do reckoning mode only?

I did go back and research more on the other server hosts if they offered different modes to the game. Unfortunately all are faction war servers, this is the only down fall to it I see since My clan and I are more about enjoying the game in a PvE mode were factions dont share research and have wars just simply everyone has to research on their own and work together to build base to protect ourselves from other players and clan within the server.

We could just password protect the server but then what fun is in it if others cant join and have a bit of pvp within the world as true survivalist :D


  • Hey there Đyablo, you should be able to find SampleFactionlessGame.ini and SampleFactionlessEngine.ini files in the SampleConfiguration directory from the server package you downloaded via Steam.

    Adjust the Game.ini and Engine.ini files to match to access the other game modes.
  • You should try playing on DOOMSPEAR instead.
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