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SUGGESTION - Hunting mode

Hi everyone,

I have been reading quite a lot of bad comments about how annoying the new changes to the animal track on Wargs are. And I was wondering (perhaps I havent seen it because I started playing recently and I might have not unlocked it yet, so please ignore this whole email if it exists already)...wont it be interesting to put a track system for players to track foes?

It seems like a difficult concept, but it could be something fairly simple to implement as I see it. Let's say you are in a zone where Wargs are all over the place. It's literally impossible to go away from them, and you were so unlucky to establish your base close to that zone. Well, let's face it: find a way to fight them. Deal with it. But right now, taking that risk to keep advancing is not that rewarding. Leather? Come on, I can kill passive grunts and similars for that. Same for food. What if...after killing a Warg, a new bar could be filled partially, as a sign of the experience you have in killing those horrible creatures? A creature slaying bar, so to speak...The more you kill them, the more advantages you could have when facing them. These could include:
- New areas of their body where critical hits can be landed.
- More damage to those creatures
- A bit of extra materials obtained when slaying them. Even new materials that were not accessible for those at all...
- Perhaps unlock a gear recipe, food recipe or something similar.
- And the most interesting: a new sight mode (called "hunting mode" or something like this), where your surroundings can be seen in sort of an IR perspective. And where you can track where a creature has been, depending on how much of them you have killed.

Think about it. It would solve lots of issues. First, you wont solve the problem of facing them at all, so nothing importan in your already implemented system would be needed. We will fight with more courage to overcome their enhanced intelligence now to track us and hunt us. But then...we will be rewarded with more experience on "Warg Hunting". And eventually, the "Hunting mode" could not only show a slight line (similar to an odour line in the air) showing a probable area where the nearest Wargs were (something that you could see on Lvl 1 of that creature, something diffuse but clearly better than normal sight), but over time you could see a clear group of lines in bright colours showing where the creatures were, and even their shapes moving in the dark, as you detect their corporal heat, or you heat their distinctive step pattern. You could plan your moves better, and it would still require you to hunt them down for quite some time to acquire such ability. It wont remove the "fun" of playing carefully around them as a survivor in the wild, but it will reward you much better after you decide to keep hunting them to avoid them causing issues constantly.

What do you think about that? The idea can be still shaped in a better way, but I do think it could be a good way to solve the bad points of this, without removing the implemented current system. As a player, the only thing that annoys me is not the fact that they follow me for quite a long distance, and annoy me as hell when fighting them in the middle of a fight with other creature...What annoys me is that, once I kill them, I get nothing of great interest. And I've wasted a lot of repeater ammo, and of course a bandage! As a result, receiving a better reward for me is the solution to this, even if getting this better reward takes me 150 wargs to kill. But I would fight to be the Warg Master Hunter (max level of Warg hunting experience).

Sorry for this huge text, hope it results of any interest to anyone, and of course to the game developers. Greetings.


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  • soup5 wrote: »
    what hes trying to say is play on Doomspear

    Could you please specify what is Doomspear? So that I can better understand why an idea has to be reduced to a single sentence. Thanks in advance.
  • a server, play on it

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