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[COMPLETE] Minor Game Update: February 8 @ 11:30 AM PST (UTC-8)

Rend Early Access warriors, we must briefly interrupt your battles!

The official servers will be briefly unavailable at 11:30 AM PST (UTC-8) on Friday, February 8. This 15-30 minute downtime is so we can deploy the following fixes in a minor game update:
  • A likely fix for a rare case causing pets to not be unfavoriteable. Yes, that is now a word.

Thanks for your patience and for supporting Rend!


  • Teable or Table?
  • And yeah btw I did lose 2 pets that were Favorited on their own and I wasn't able to unfavorite them. Now in a new server only the pet I favorited on my own came with me but the other 2 did not..I have screenshots of them but glad you fixed this issue.
  • CaronteCaronte
    edited February 2019
    More than that: in this update a server called "Exploration Dev" completely disappeared. I had a lvl 18 or so character there and it doesnt exist anymore. Plus I joined a new server and now each time I want to build in very very flat surfaces with nothing around, and of course with foundation bases, it keeps saying "you cannot build on a structure". Any thoughts on this? Will I recover my old character? Will I have to play the nomad way with no base in the second server? Please let me know about whether if it is server update issue or something else...Thanks in advance.
  • @Zatan Sorry to hear you encountered that bug before we fixed it. Let me know if it reoccurs though.

    @Caronte As the name suggests, the Exploration Dev server is just for internal testing and isn't a standard official server. Sorry for the confusion! As for placing a foundation, the environment can be a little fickle in terms of accepting a placement site. Best suggestion is to completely exit out of build mode between attempts as this can "reset" the terrain detection.
  • Oh I see. Now its clear to me. I will then swap to another server quickly before I get addicted to this one and find myself losing all my progress, since now I know how the game works. And yes, apparently its just a matter of the terrain being tricky, too tricky perhaps. Exiting the build mode has not helped improving that, but moving to another region (which in fact seemed less flat) apparently has let me build hehe. Oh well, Im sure you are working on that and I am patient about this. Many thanks for responding.
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