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Opinion about the game after several weeks of trying to play

I regret that I bought the game.
It is especially not pleasant that I liked the game in general, but it turned out that it was all just a wrapper.
There is neither the desire nor the time to waste this time in the game. I enter the game for 1 hour or so in the morning and at the same time in the evening.
PvP doesn't interest me - only PvE and what do I have after a few weeks? I stopped - just because I can not get one resource in the game in game ways. I asked the players, searched the forums - all refer - to the swamp. I found pictures of what the resource I needed looked like but changed several PvE directed servers with high rates — and could not find this resource, in the other as well as one more.

As a result, my opinion about the game - the wrapper is beautiful, but inside the shit = (

p.s. Perhaps this is too much - but it describes well my condition now. I hope you developers, read it as nice as me from your game.
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