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Ascension points

The problem seems to be on private servers. When I receive Ascension points, they are converted to SAGA unless I use them immediately. As you know saving them for the things you want is a huge part of the game; losing that ability is awful. Currently on my server I am saga 68 with 20 points used (from a crystal).



  • Thanks for reaching out, JavaJoe. AP should be available to use at any time during a saga.

    Could you clarify the error you're encountering (is the AP value not responding or changing)? This will help us determine the cause and address it.
  • I'm getting the same thing on my private server. More detail to the problem:
    * Ascension points are awarded during game play (either through traditional means or from crystal).
    * Those ascension points remain available during gameplay (added to the available column & to the saga count).
    * Once the game is exited, those ascension points are no longer available when you rejoin the server.

    So as the OP mentions, if the ascension points are not used immediately during the current session, they will be lost. Once you rejoin, the available ascension points are always zero. (though the saga count remains accurate).
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