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Doors disappearing

We have a private server but have a problem with stronghold doors disappearing and not being able to walk thru the doorways  ,can demolish doorframe and refit door but disappears after a while...also stronghold braces keep disappearing anyone know why or how this is happening?


  • We've seen this happen once before, it seems to be resolved with a server restart. That said, let us know if it persists!
  • I've had sort of the same problem on the NA-West server. I created a standard doorway, and it worked FINE until I removed the door, and placed an upgraded "door" in the "doorframe", and THEN upgraded the doorframe to the Cragrock. Once I did that, I could no longer open the door. Trying to remove the door has no effect. Taking down the doorframe removes the door, but after a short while, the upgraded "door" reappears in the doorframe, and once more I can't open the door.
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