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New Player, Fresh Views. NPCs, Faction Base, QoL.

Hello, I am new to Rend! I have played 20 hrs and counting, I even got my friend to get it! I really like the premise of the game and a lot of mechanics in the game so far. I think this game has incredible potential! Here are just some ideas that I think could help the game out. First add the necessary ores to make Bronze bars on each home realm....I love the idea of contributing to the Faction Base. I think this could go further, maybe add an upgrade at the four pillars (that erect the shield) by adding materials, eventually it will allow tiers of walls and a couple gates. I think two gates would be fine. Put the same F-Key upgrade system on these pillars to change the walls from shoddy roughwood to eventually heavy stone walls. Allow the players to set their own turrets, wall torches, and banners to make it feel like we can add our own touch. Add NPCs in various ways, the NPCs being like spirit/ethereal figures like Valkyries, dwarves, Jotun. This would give a feeling of liveliness that thus far is missing. I have been on every night since I have purchased the game almost and am usually the only one on, it gets lonely. Perhaps do some cool things with the NPCs to rid of some of the tedium, because in the current state the player base is absent. I feel like the tedium of having to rebuild and gather the same resources over and over again is part of this. Allow the players to purchase spiritual dwarf gatherers by spending favor and spirit residue. Make the dwarves go and collect resources, maybe only during the day when it's safest. Scale the amount of resources the dwarves bring back based off players in that faction on that server. Additionally instead of possessed turrets, you could show spirits manning them, you could make the Jotun be gate guards, Valkyries give rare quests to find items or loot. This could also be something granted at lvl 10 and beyond. That is my thought on NPCs. Last thoughts! Can we please get a well that the factions can build in the base, and maybe like a chicken and goat farm that allows you to take a stack of 5 eggs and 5 goat cheese or milk every 24hrs at the cost of Favor? Sorry about the length! Keep up the good work Frostkeep!


  • I love all your ideas especially the gate idea but i don't think there needs to be dwarves there is already conjurs in the game once you learn them they produce a lot of resources for you so you don't have to rebuild or have to keep going to gather the same resources over and over.
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