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Rend Early Access Patch 8: Patch Notes

Patch 8 introduces a major update to Bow combat, rebalanced and amended Ammunition and other crafting recipes, and dozens of important bug fixes to issues reported by you, our dedicated Early Access community. This patch will deploy at 8:00 AM PST (GMT-8) on Tuesday, January 29.

Bow Combat Rework
  • We’ve made a comprehensive update to how Bow combat works. As of this patch, you draw your Bow by clicking and holding the left mouse button and fire the arrow by releasing the button. This means you can take as much or as little time as you want to fire your arrow. Additionally, the damage, velocity, range, and accuracy are all scaled by how far you have drawn your Bow before firing. Zoom (ADS) is still controlled by right clicking but is no longer required to draw or fire a Bow.
  • Bows have also been converted from hitscan to projectile weapons and have had their attack speed (draw speed), accuracy, range, projectile speed, and gravity adjusted to match. The damage values remain the same but relative damage-per-second has slightly increased to compensate for the weapon no longer being hitscan.
  • We’ve added several feedback indicators to give you a good sense of Bow draw progress and when your Bow is fully drawn: the main visual change is a new Bow draw indicator as part of your crosshair while drawing a Bow. In addition, you’ll notice an arrow nock sound, a small visual effect near the head of the arrow, and a very minor camera shake have been introduced, all of which indicate when your Bow is fully drawn and ready to fire at full power.
  • Now that projectile Bows have been introduced to Rend’s combat, we’ve made a bunch of projectile-related improvements:
    • Projectile weapons can now deal critical damage.
    • Projectile weapons are now affected by distance-based damage falloff.
    • Projectile weapons logic has been reworked to more reliably send the projectile to where the player is aiming.
  • We hope you enjoy our new Bow combat and are eagerly awaiting your feedback!
  • Players stuck behind enemy faction shields will gain a debuff causing them to rapidly perish. This debuff does not apply during Reckoning events.
  • Increased the volume of the sound effect and the noise generated when you land from jumping.
  • Player scaling now affects harvest distance.
  • Cleaned up the position adjustment due to character scaling.
  • Arbalests can no longer use siege Ammunition.
  • Removed Shademoss from the game.
  • Removed Ichorpod from the game.
  • Taming Crystals should no longer affect players.
    • In addition, Taming Crystals should no longer be consumed when attempting to apply them to an invalid target.
  • Increased Chitin stacks to 200.
  • Arrow Breaker Shoulders now grant the correct increase to Maximum Health (24 up from 0.24).
  • Hearthfur Pants now grant the correct amount of Armor (284 up from 130).
  • Changed Armory Upgrade Costs
    • After initial construction, the Armory requires a deposit of Weapons and Armor similar to the equipment it grants for free. This should prevent Armory rewards from trivializing crafting progression for many players.
  • Significantly decreased Armory Bow power.
    • They are now approximately equal power to the first Hunting Bow in a given crafting tier instead of advanced Bows from that tier's progression.
  • Individual plugs can no longer be destroyed on the Armory.
  • Each Armory upgrade increases the Health and Armor of the building.
  • Reduced Divinity Seed Armor to 200 to be more in line with Lesser/Greater Divinity Seed progression.
  • Renamed Spiked Steel Barricade to Spiked Iron Barricade to better reflect its metallurgic source material.
  • Clarified Crystalline Edge description text.
  • Cleaned up Dain's Odd Boots tooltip description.
  • Projectiles will now properly play fire sound and VFX.
  • Cleaned up the Ammunition crafting tree.
    • Fixed several Ammunition recipes to make them more consistent in reagent cost and item count returns.
  • All Ammunition craft quantities are now consistent (15/30crit for Darts, 5/10crit for all other Ammunition types).
  • Removed Shademoss from recipes.
  • Removed Ichorpod from recipes.
  • Recipes for Toxic Cloud Mine and Death Fog Mine now result in the correct appropriate item.
  • Moved Clan Divinity Shard into the Divinity Seeds crafting tree.
  • Moved Pioneer's Tent (Pathfinder) into the Divinity Seeds crafting tree. It will now only display for Pathfinders.
  • Architect's Divinity Seed will now only display for players with the requisite perk.
  • Creatures with no Pet Rating, such as the Lost, no longer display Pet Rating 0 on their nameplate.
  • Added Favor value to the item tooltip while in the faction stronghold.
  • Added Deposit All button to Warehouse interface.
  • Added a sort button to the inventory which sorts all of your items by highest weight first.
  • Corrected the position of the edit faction memo UI.
  • Added the ability to drop an item from an unowned inventory if the player can take items from the inventory.
  • Added /group chat channel for groups.
  • Brightened the Order symbol on female light skin mesh.
  • Adjusted the flamethrower VFX locations on Smoldervine plants to prevent them from floating.
  • Adjusted Armory crate sizes.
  • Polished Blaster material appearance.
  • Added new Building Frame art for Forge, Warehouse, Armory, and Spirit Stable.
  • Reduced the intensity of the refracted light from the crystal on top of mines when viewed at certain angles.
  • Updated visual effect for swapping Spirit Tools.
  • Removed floating rocks from under the floating rock bridges.
  • Updated the model and textures for Stags.
  • Miscellaneous cleanup and polish of terrain.
  • Corrected an area of bad navmesh in Stagswood.
  • Rebalanced Siege damage from creatures by level.
  • Hitbox and ability timing improvements for Wargs, Arachnix, Hammerskulls, and Draaks.
  • Frabbit pets should no longer run away while harvesting.
  • Creature dodge abilities now share a cooldown.
  • Adjusted creature dodge cooldowns to account for shared cooldowns.
  • Creatures should no longer start to fly when they hit a rock or stump.
  • Implemented optimizations for sending numerous server/client events.
    • You may notice brief aggregation delays of events like Loot Ticker, Experience Ticker, or Crafting Progress.
  • Optimized network traffic when crafting recipes with very short craft times.
  • Implemented an optimization related to resource spawning.
Bug Fixes
  • Added some checks so that the game doesn't “freak out” when restarting.
  • Fixed an issue causing Granite and Cragrock Frames to leave small gaps in between structure pieces.
  • Fixed various floating resources around the world.
  • Fixed some texture issues causing the appearance of holes in the terrain.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the logs in the Stonefire Oven.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented properly saving the state of a named pet.
  • Fixed collision for Dreadveil rock arches.
  • Fixed an issue with lighting volumes causing abrupt lighting changes.
  • Fixed a typo in Antidote flavor text.
  • Fixed a typo in the Shaman Archetype description text.
  • Fixed Gold Bar display name.
  • Fixed an issue where depositing item into Armory storage didn’t affect Favor correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Mjolnir's Hammer return logic that should make the return path server-authoritative.
  • Fixed the experience required to master Dark Hide Armor recipes.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some weapon and armor crafting recipes to gain incorrect amounts of experience in Classic and Exploration modes.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some weapon and armor crafting recipes to be uncraftable in Classic and Exploration modes.
  • Fixed Tarberries to once again require a Tier 2 Scythe to harvest.
  • Fixed mismatched recipe and item result naming in many recipes.
  • Fixed several typos in item and recipe display names.
  • Fixed swapped icons for Standard-Issue Hide Treads and Handwraps.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from seeing tracers for their own hitscan and projectile spells.
  • Fixed an edge case that could allow some interaction through walls.
  • Fixed an edge case that could cause dropped items to spawn in the air.
  • Fixed Learned Survivor Ascension Perk scaling incorrectly.
  • Fixed Weight of the World Ascension Perk scaling incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with Divine Resistance causing damage conversion problems.
  • Fixed Odin T3 Pants Red Mesh.
  • Fixed Female Fiber Pants
  • Fixed a bug where the character select screen widget stopped updating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to be unaware of the type of a displayed inventory. This should fix several inventory UI related bugs.
  • Fixed client crash related to nearby builders.
  • Fixed various crashes.


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