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New issues that I'm confident is hurting the game right now/my experiences part 2

So the new main issue is the game has become quite the toxic environment which has made me personally decide to quit the game for awhile and the reason for that is there is way too many exploits. It has caused so many people to get accused of cheating which i'm sure people are using the exploits right now in every faction. So I think that all the exploits need to be fixed as soon as possible.

2nd is fps my fps got worse this saga. There is a new issue where the longer you stay in the game the more lower ur frames get I personally have to like relog every 30 minutes just to maintain good fps and i still get very low frames for reckoning as well it's pretty impossible to aim at anybody i can only be a spotter.

On the positive side of things what really made me enjoy this saga was having a role,leveling up my character and learning a few new things.
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