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No AI attacks during reckoning on my server

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Hello everyone,

I did set up a reckoning on my server, but there were no attacks from AI creatures. I thought that during reckoning also the AI creatures attack ? Is that not the case? Or did I setup something wrong? The sky became dark so it really did start the reckoning, I also saw the text "Reckoning".

Background info:
I did set up a server with factions enabled. I am currently the only player on it. I enabled the reckoning, because I thought I then have some kind of aim to work to. Namely, building my faction base such that it can handle the AI wave. However, this AI wave never came.


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Would need to see your config files. Something is probably misconfigured in game.ini.
  • The game.ini looks as follows:


    ServerName=AAAAA Gazelle game server
    ServerPassword=zeg ik niet!

    GameDesc=Peace and noobs

  • Oh btw, I start the reconing with /reckoning 1 2 3
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    FIrst thought process:
    A quick look at the reckoning command on the wiki says it only takes 1 parameter. So, "/reckoning 1" is all you'd need. I have no clue what the additional parameters might be doing to mess it up.

    Try adding the following parameters to your game.ini file, them not being there may cause them to take some non-functional default value.

    ;This is an example Reckoning wave, in this case,
    ;Values for days are 0-6 with Monday being 0.
    ;Hours use military time (0-24). Minutes are 0-60.
    ;With these settings, a Reckoning will occur every:
    ;Wednesday at 9:00pm UTC + TimeZoneUTCOffset

    ;Larger numbers make Reckoning difficulty increase more slowly

    ;How long the warning period before a Reckoning lasts.

    ;How long the PVP stage of the Reckoning lasts.


    There should've been a sample game.ini file that came with the install. If this doesn't work, what I'd recommend doing is starting with that sample and simply modifying the values in it to match the values on your server. Another thing to try is to change the WaveScheduleDays to be just after server startup so you can see if the problem is related to the reckoning command or if it happens even when the reckoning occurs normally.

    Hopefully something in there will get it sorted out. Also, if that's your actual server password you may want to change it as you just posted it onto a public forum.
  • Thanks. I have copied the sample config, edited it a little bit with my own servername, password, etc. Still no luck. It does not work. I also tried to set up a scheduled wave, but that did not work either.

    Now I am wondering, does the reckoning only work/attack certain buildings? I test it on an empty map so nothing is built yet. Can that be the reason that there is no AI attack?
  • GazelleGazelle
    edited January 2019
    (I do not see an edit button so I add a new post, is there an edit button?)

    To the point:
    I finally was able to start a scheduled wave, you have to have at least 2 hours uptime even when you have reckoningAgeRequirement set to 1 minute. So after waiting 2 hours the scheduled wave appeared.

    The reckoning is not working how it should. That is why I used /reckoning x x x, for more details see my bug report:

    One question left though. So for scheduling a wave I have to restart the server. Will this delete the structures I built?
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Simply restarting the server will not delete buildings. Make sure you save before restarting (I believe /forcesave will force the server to save). I know that depending on how you restart the server, it may not automatically save when shut down and I don't necessarily trust the server provider to shut down the server in the correct way.

    In order to delete buildings, etc... you'd have to delete the world save which you can find in the server files. Don't remember the exact directory off the top of my head.

    Even without buildings the AI should attack the tree, but it does only attack the main faction bases. If you've built a base out in the wilderness and are expecting the lost to attack it that will not work.

    Edit: I'd forgotten they added a delay to the minimum time needed for a reckoning to start. This was done to combat issues of servers restarting directly before the reckoning and the reckoning starting before players could even get on. I wonder if there's a new parameter somewhere to control the minimum server uptime before a reckoning can start...
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