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How to play single player on my own server? (or allowing at most 10 other people on it)

I have set up a server called AAAA Gazelle. I want to play single player on this or with a small group of people. As I own the server, I can set the settings. How can I make this enjoyable for single player? Or is this game only playable with a group of people? Some advice on this?

I am also considering letting other people on my server. I have 10 slots, I pay 10 euro's per month but do not need any money from the other players. Just thinking about it, if you would be interested to join my server and play peacefully then let me down below. I can then maybe give you access to the server.

Aim of the server is playing peacefully and with at most 10 people.


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    So, to make it enjoyable single player you've got a few different options. It's been a while since I setup a server (last time I set one up was just a little post-EA start), so I apologize that I don't remember the exact options.

    1: You can look up settings here for classic (PvP) or exploration (PvE) modes and use those for your server settings. These are both factionless modes and are generally tuned appropriately for single player.

    2: You can manually tweak a number of settings manually if you want to have yourself and a group of people all together in a faction. I recommend accelerating research, gathering, and increases to carry weight as a good start. I recommend against speeding up leveling or increasing your damage, in fact I might be inclined to recommend reducing player damage a bit if you're going for a pure PvE environment. Once again, just how much depends heavily on how many people you're going to have and how much you want to force people to play together.

    Your server provider probably provides access to the relevant configuration files, though how depends heavily on the server provider with some just letting you fill in parameters and then generating the configuration files for you and others giving your direct access to put whatever you want in the configuration files.
  • Thank you Darinth. I can set almost everything I think. All kind of damage values, xp gain values. etc. I can also import setting files.
    You say in point 1 that there are server settings somewhere on this forum suited for single player. Where can I find them? I can maybe import/copy these settings.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭

    That article has information specifically for setting up a server in exploration mode.
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