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[COMPLETE] Minor Game Update: January 3 @ 10:30 AM PST (UTC-8)

Rend Early Access warriors, we must briefly interrupt your battles!

The official servers will be briefly unavailable beginning at 10:30 AM PST (UTC-8) on Thursday, January 3. This downtime is so we can deploy the following fixes in a minor game update:
  • Fixed a damage conversion bug that scaled the damage output of the Lost.
  • Fixed characters sometimes appearing naked in the character select screen.

Thanks for your patience and for supporting Rend!


  • please update the building aspect of the game as I love rend but would love to see more to the building as this up date you cant rotate your avatar in making the avatar so there is a new bug for you all to look into plus the constent out of bounds or blocked when trying to build is hard cause there is not many flat areas to build :(
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