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Annoying pet behavior

FrumpylumpsFrumpylumps ✭✭
edited December 2018 in Game Feedback
As of the most recent update, pets often run off into the distance and stay there, forcing you to retrieve them. They still do not stand still when you tell them to stay and they are much worse at following the player than before. In some instances other creatures would attack the pet and it would just sit there not fighting back, even though it was on defensive.

It defeats the purpose of farming with pets when you have to spend so much time babysitting them so much to do so.


  • I am seeing the same thing (Jan 3 2019).

    I like the piggies best, and have a stable of them.

    I find some pets (all piggies) seem to pretty much always work, and others never work.

    I have a 372 Goretusk who gets lost/stuck all the time and is never walking with me for more than a very brief time.

    I have a 13 (that is correct, 13/1000) Gruntling who is slow but always will catch up with me if I wait and seems to not ever get stuck.

    I have a 375 Bertha who always seems to be right with me rooting in the bushes and walking with me.

    I have a 169 Grunter who always gets lost/stuck but not quite as much as the 372 Goretusk.

    I have NO EXPLANATION for why these pets seem to consistently show such different behaviors, but they do!

    The Bertha gal can get taken in and out of the stable, dismissed and recalled, and she (so far) always behaves well.

    The 372 Goretusk right from the start never worked.

    Surely this is the same code running? I do not get it!

    p.s. I love all my piggies, so it makes me very sad that some are so disgruntled as to now follow me!
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Random thoughts from someone who doesn't know the codebase: Possible some part of pathing is taking into account movement speed in some fashion and different movement speeds are cause issues? That's the only thing that I can think of that would be different on creatures of the same type that would plausibly have an impact on pathing. I got no clue...
  • I have been trying to learn more to comment better, and I can add that sometimes my pet seems to teleport to an enemy to fight.

    A couple things:

    1) Clearly navigation. One time very funny pig of mine climbed straight up the wide trunk of a big tree almost to the top (like 50 feet or more) and them plopped down.

    2) One time my piggy seemed to vanish, but then I saw up on a hill him fighting with one of the black wolves. He did NOT have time to walk or run up there as he is not super fast. He was with me, then gone to fight as if by teleportation.

    3) One other time another piggy just wandered away from me up a valley and then stopped there... hmm...

    4) When a piggy sits unmoving, I can hop on and off of him and then he is normal again.

    Perhaps a temporary fix would be to have the pet magically teleport to us if it can't find a path to us properly. Temporary fix. Right now, when we lose a pet in the field because of this problem we must go all the way to the stable to get it back. The game system asks "do we want to kill the pet" but only ONCE in all the times I have said Accept have I had to Revive. That is because they are not dead, they are lost!

    In the short term, if the system thinks a pet is lost, it would be nice to get them back in the field by magic! W/hen it all works well, then this can be abandoned.
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