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Faction board & Faction mail

With the addition of Faction warehouse, I think this would be a good addition helping the social aspect of Rend. Any opinions and ideas/alterations are welcomed.

Faction Board
A board with information about the faction and its activities.

Faction Elders “Messages of the day”
- Anything the elders would like to tell the people of their faction.

- A place where people can request work they need to be done or find a task to do.
- Wanting materials could cost faction favours.
- When accepting a task, the task should appear like a quest from an MMO somewhere under the chatbox.
- When all of the materials are gathered, go back to the faction board to deliver the materials(The materials could be sent to faction mail, like an owl next to the faction warehouse or something in that nature).

Craft occupations
- A list of faction members sorted into categories based on their crafting expertise.
- The higher expertise in a craft the higher their name should be in the rankings.

Player A can craft tier 2 bows
Player B can craft tier 4 bows
Player C can craft tier 3 bows

Therefore the list of Bow makers should like this.

Bow makers:
Player B - Tier 4 Bows
Player C - Tier 3 Bows
Player A - Tier 2 Bows

This would function the same for all other weapons/armor/tool crafts.
Factions member would know who to ask or if they should start crafting it themselves.

Faction mail
Instead of waiting for a player to come pick up the materials they asked for you could just send them to their faction mail.
The person listing tasks/quests in the "Tasks/Quests" section can have the materials sent to them in the Faction mail.
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