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Please do something about Turrets in PVE servers !

edited December 2018 in Game Feedback

There some griefers on the purely PVE server "Dragonroot" who built a base in the Heartholm area (Order faction) with turrets who kills any new players who approach to close, BUT there also someone who built a turret near the Order Faction portail who kill anyone who comes, PVE [EU] Freya's Grove and Dragonroot are supposed to be strictly PVE server right ? Why these turrets kills players ?

By the way these turrets don't attack monsters who come closers, ONLY players...Can you disable them (or remove them) on this kind of servers please ?

On PVP servers I can understand, but on PVE servers....That not make any senses, except to be a jerk.



  • I found the same at one location on NA West the other day.

    It is PvP when a player weapon kills us, whether the other player holds it or just places it as a trap.

    I did not get stuck in fixed traps on the ground, however.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Scapes has said that they've seen the reports, but are actually having issues replicating it internally.
  • Sorry you're encountering this bug!

    We should have a fix for this issue deployed with tomorrow's minor game update. Details on downtimes and specific bug fixes to be published in the morning.
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