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Annoying bug with the Mjolnir

edited December 2018 in Bug Reports

When I use the right mouse button to launch the Mjolnir on an enemy something annoying happens very often by clicking again on the right mouse button when the Mjolnir is not yet back in the hand...

The Mjolnir animation and effect disappears (completly invisible) and impossible to use the weapon again.

Even the animation of the spirit tools and the secondary weapon disappear leaving only empty hands but they are still usable but they are invisible, but the Mjolnir NO I can't use it anymore...

I have to leave the game all the time to get everything back to normal.

Summary: Mjolnir disappear and not usable again.
Steps to Reproduce: Launch the Mjolnir with right click, right click again while Mjolnir is coming back.
Frequency: Every time I launch the weapon, and clicked on right mouse while the Mjolnir still flying.
Severity: 5.
System Specs: Intel i5 2500K, 16 Gb ram, SSD Samsung 850 Evo, Nvidia Gtx 980 4Gb, Win10.
Additional Notes: I have to restart the game to re-use the Mjolnir.

Thanks !


  • LydheLydhe
    edited December 2018
    [Edit] I noticed that it happens when I spam the right click to throw the hammer 4 or 5 times, then the hammer disappears when it comes back in the hand after 4 or 5 times, then there is no more animation, no more VFX, there is nothing the weapon no longer exists, until I restart the game and I can use it again, maybe a lag issue while the hammer is flying I don't know... But it's annoying to restart the game again and again just to enjoy the Mjolnir again. x)
  • I'm having the same bug, same issues exactly. Though I will say the amusing part of the bug comes when switching to hels touch, I get to become Scanlan (from Critical Role) and shoot lightning from my crotch... So thats a thing that happens. But like Lydhe, I still have to relog in order to fix the animation bug.
  • same bug, but it happens without me right clicking to fire again, many times it just lags out and dissappears. sometimes i can go for hours with no problem and other times it goes away after one throw
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