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Base Destroyed by Reckoning that occurred while server was inaccessible to players

AU Server Blackoak (Faction War). Tried to log in after successfully downloading most recent game patch, approx 10 minutes before reckoning was due to start yesterday. Server wasn't showing up on server list. Spent some time changing filters before realising no AU servers were showing on server list. Assumed AU servers must be currently down and gave up. Log in today to find base has been almost totally destroyed. Multiple layer outer wall with spikes - 3/4 gone, inner wall - completely gone, all containers (bar one) - gone, all faction buildings reduced to frames, approx 20,000 spirits lost from the faction divinity stone. I checked the other factions bases as I thought maybe someone managed a sneaky raid but they have been equally mauled.

I have just seen since seen videos of other ppl being wrecked by the buffed reckonings and I am happy that they have been buffed as it feels like something that was way too easy. They *might* be a bit over tuned (sarcasm! : p) but that is something that can be adjusted. What I want noted is that it is very demoralizing to be ready and able to defend your base, be prevented doing so by something outside of your control and as a result have everything you have worked for taken from you, without even the option to go down fighting. My faction mate Karia had the same experience and has posted in the discord about it. Unsure what to do now as we were only sticking around on Blackoak until server reset (pretty sure all other factions have quit) before moving to a exploration server.
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