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Rend Early Access Patch 7.1: Patch Notes

This interim patch fixes a number of minor yet important issues reported by the Rend community in Discord and on the official and Steam forums. It also changes how the Warehouse reflects its material capacity and Favor payout behavior. Thanks to our diligent players for their constructive feedback and bug reporting!

  • The Warehouse now displays the item count in white while you can gain Favor for depositing that item. The count changes to yellow when this value is exceeded and further deposits won’t be rewarded Favor (this Favor or soft cap is approximately 66% of maximum capacity).
    • In addition, the Favor value for an item in the Warehouse is hidden when depositing it will not give you any Favor (due to that item being past its Favor cap).
  • Looting a spawned Boon of the Gods chest should no longer cost Favor.
  • Reduced the number of loot payouts from Gnarlwood Trees.
  • Reduced the drop quantities of Caustic Resin from Thornwood Trees.
  • Slightly reduced the number of loot payouts from large Thornwood Trees.
  • Slightly reduced the weight of Runeoak, Geistwood, and Ironfir Logs.
  • Slightly reduced the weight of Tin, Copper, Flux, and Iron Ores.
  • Divine Reinforcements now correctly cost 20 sparks per research.
  • Hel-Touched Longbow, Hel's Last Gasp, and Trickster's Gambit have been temporarily removed from the loot tables.
Crafting and Research
  • Ironfir Bows, Spirit Hammers, and many other recipes can again be crafted.
  • Removed unnecessary durability value from bombs. Bombs crafted before Patch 7 should work once again.
  • Removed Dross Metal Bar from all remaining recipes that still had it as an ingredient.
  • Switched default demolish permission state from YES to NO. This results in requiring the use of the demolish vote system in order to destroy faction base pieces regardless of rank.
  • Boon of the Gods should no longer spawn when you're in the faction stronghold.
Creatures and Pets
  • Glutts
    • Glutt AI no longer has a dead zone where you can stand causing it to do nothing.
    • Changed the melee attack for Glutts to a belly flop.
    • Glutt now has a backwards dodge if you get too close.
    • Rare spawn Glutts now have a body slam attack.
    • Minor tweaks to the speed and spacing of projectiles from the Glutt's spew.
  • Festerwigs now have a basic ranged attack.
  • Added slash command to kick a player from group: /kick PLAYERNAME or /groupkick PLAYERNAME. You can still use the social tab context menu to kick players from your group. This only works for the leader of the group.
  • The demolish vote header no longer reads "Outcast Vote".
  • Disabled notifications of attempts to use excess Favor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash related to clan promote.
  • Fixed the demolish vote data so that it is properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Twilight Reaper (Shaman) from applying at night.
  • Fixed an issue with the Warmarch artifact causing Stamina cost to behave erratically when the buff was removed.
  • Fixed the talent mastery border frame.
  • Fixed a Warehouse display issue that was displaying the incorrect maximum stored values of each resource (they were all 5000).
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to go into negative Favor values while removing items from storage containers.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to gain Favor for deposited items even past the Favor cap.
  • Fixed Classic/Exploration population display on server screen.
  • Fixed Faction icon not showing up for Faction War mode on character select screen.
  • Fixed skin choice not being reflected in character select screen.


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